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Ekodo Retreat

Fri 17 to Tue 21 Mar 2017


Golden Bay

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Easter Sesshin

Thurs 13th to Wed 19th April 2017




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Ross Bolleter Roshi

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Diamond Sangha NZ

Mary Jaksch Roshi
Mary Jaksch Roshi
Glenn Wallis Roshi
Glenn Wallis Roshi
Arthur Wells Sensei
Arthur Wells Roshi


Diamond Sangha


Robert Aitken Roshi and his wife Anne founded the Diamond Sangha in 1959 in Hawaii.

This lineage now has thirty-seven teachers world-wide including Ross Bolleter Roshi in Perth; Mary Jaksch Roshi, Glenn Wallis Roshi and Arthur Wells Roshi in New Zealand.

Diamond Sangha teachers lead retreats in the USA, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, England and Germany.

As the lineage has roots in both the Soto and Rinzai schools of Zen, Diamond Sangha teachers offer both Koan study, and Shikantaza ('just sitting').

Diamond Sangha is a lay lineage, not a monastic lineage, with the ideal of bringing to our practice the joy and pain of everyday life, the great 'monastery without walls'.


Diamond Sangha in Christchurch

The Christchurch Zen Group meets weekly.

Instruction in Zen meditation is given to newcomers. Sitting cushions are supplied and may be purchased.

For further details visit the regular sits page.

Contacts: Shona (03) 981 9377 or Arthur (03) 348 4656



Diamond Sangha in Dunedin


The Dunedin Zen Group meets weekly.

Sesshin is held yearly in Spring, on the picturesque St. Martins Island, in the Otago harbour.

For further details visit the regular sits page.

Click here for:   Dunedin Zen Group website