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Reading Zen books can inspire your practice. Great books to start off with are Robert Aitken's Taking the Path of Zen and Joko Beck's Everyday Zen. Here is a suggested reading list:

Robert Aitken

Taking the Path of Zen

Keep this book close to hand and refer to it often. It is a many-layered and detailed overview of Zen training. Even after years you will find new treasures each time you re-read it.

Mind of Clover

This book deals with the ethical and moral teachings of Zen. If you are planning to do Jukai, the ceremony of taking the precepts, this book is a must.

Encouraging Words

Dip into it again and again. It is the kind of book that rests comfortably on a bedside table, waiting for your last read at night. Let this great teacher inspire you with his wisdom, dry wit and decency.

The Ground We Share

If you come from the Christian tradition and struggle to find a way to Zen without betraying your religion's heritage, this book is very helpful. It is a dialogue between Robert Aitken Roshi and Brother David Steindl-Rast which explores the common ground of both religious streams.

Charlotte Joko Beck

Everyday Zen

Joko Beck, a woman Zen Master, talks eloquently about bringing practice into ordinary, everyday life. Reading this book, you will get a taste of how Western Zen is developing its own flavour.

Shunryu Suzuki

Zen Mind: Beginners Mind

A classic. Its short articles are pithy and forceful.

Kazuan Tanahashi and Tensho D. Schneider

Essential Zen

A delightful collection of Zen stories, ancient and modern. Thoughtful, funny, inspiring – a book to treasure and enjoy.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Miracle of Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Zen Master in the Vietnamese tradition. His style of writing is exquisite, using simple, everyday language that can be enjoyed by anyone. This book is a lovely introduction to mindfulness.

The Heart of Understanding

If you want to deepen your understanding of sutras, this is a lucid account of the Heart Sutra.

Phillip Kapleau (Ed.)

The Three Pillars of Zen

Many Western Zen students have been inspired by this book over the last twenty years. It is a compilation of writings by Yasutani Roshi and sports a collection of realisation reports that make for an exciting if rather misleading read.

Dainin Katagiri

Return to Silence

Katagiri Roshi's shining sense of humour and warm wisdom make this an inspiring read.

Taisan Maezumi

The Way of Everyday Life.

Maezumi Roshi was one of the most influential Zen Masters in the West. His untimely death left a big gap in the landscape of Western Zen. In this book he comments on Master Dogen?s Genjokoan, teaming up with John Daido Loori Roshi, one of his Dharma Heirs who contributes photographic images that form a counterpoint to the words of Dogen. An exquisite book.

Nelson Foster and Jack Shoemaker

The Roaring Stream: A New Zen Reader

This is a must for serious Zen students with its wonderful collection of stories from the great Zen Masters. A biography of each Master form a treasure chest of background information.

Sharon Salzberg

The Revolutionary Art of Loving-Kindness

Sharon Salzberg is a teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition. This warm and delightful book outlines in good detail practices of the Four Noble Abodes.

Paul Reps

Zen Flesh - Zen Bones

A classic collection of short Zen stories.

Jack Kornfield

A Path with Heart

Pack this book for a desert island. Jack Kornfield is an Insight Meditation teacher and his words ring true for all Buddhist practitioners. This truly is A Guide through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life. A book to savour.

Natalie Goldberg

Long Quiet Highway

Natalie Goldberg is a writer and was a student of Katagiri Roshi. You will find it heartening to read about the struggle and joys she experienced on her Zen journey.

Peter Matthieson

Nine-headed Dragon River

Peter Matthieson is a writer and Zen teacher and his language is rich and imaginative. This book is a narrative of his Zen journey and brings to life many of the colourful Japanese teachers that have formed Zen in the West. A book to take on holiday.

Cheri Huber

Good Life: A Zen Precepts Retreat with Cheri Huber, Lake Junaluska , North Carolina:

Present Perfect Books. 135 pages. Cheri Huber teaches at A Centre for the Practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation in Mountain View, California.

John Daido Loori

The Eight Gates of Zen: Spiritual Training in an American Zen Monastery,

Mt. Tremper, New York: Dharma Communications. 267 pages. John Daido Loori is abbot of the Zen Mountain Monastery, in Mt. Tremper, New York, and founder and director of the Mountains and Rivers Order.

The Heart of Being: Moral and Ethical Teachings of Zen Buddhism, Boston: Charles E. Tuttle Co. 267 pages.


Here is a link to the Diamond Sangha's page on the Sutra's.

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Below is an example of a reading chanted during a Sutra Service or chanting period:

Torei Zenji: Bodhisattva's Vow


I am only a simple disciple, but I offer these respectful words


When I regard the true nature of the many dharmas, I find them all to be sacred forms of the Tathagata's never-failing essence.

Each particle of matter, each moment, is no other than the Tathagata's inexpressible radiance.

With this realization, our virtuous ancestors gave tender care to beasts and birds with compassionate minds and hearts.

Among us, in our own daily lives, who is not reverently grateful for the protections of life: food, drink, and clothing!

Though they are inanimate things, they are nonetheless the warm flesh and blood, the merciful incarnations of Buddha.

All the more, we can be especially sympathetic and affectionate with foolish people, particularly with someone who becomes a sworn enemy and persecutes us with abusive language.

That very abuse conveys the Buddha's boundless loving-kindness.

It is a compassionate device to liberate us entirely from the mean-spirited delusions we have built up with our wrongful conduct from the beginningless past.

With our open response to such abuse we completely relinquish ourselves, and the most profound and pure faith arises.

At the peak of each thought a lotus flower opens, and on each flower there is revealed a Buddha.

Everywhere is the Pure Land in its beauty.

We see fully the Tathagata's radiant light right where we are.

May we retain this mind and extend it throughout the world so that we and all beings become mature in Buddha's wisdom.