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EASTER SESSHIN,    Canterbury,    April 2014
...with Mary Jaksch Roshi and Arthur Wells Roshi...

Sesshin will be held at Staveley and runs from Fri 18th to Thurs 24th April.
There is a weekend option from Fri 18th to the early evening Mon 21st April.

Sesshin (Japanese: “Touching the heart-mind”) is the foundational longer retreat that serious Zen practitioners everywhere try to attend if possible once or twice a year in order to keep their practice deep and strong. It is a full programme of silent meditation, walking, eating, resting, hearing talks, having face-to-face interview with the teachers, cleaning and food preparation, all of which is conducted in the traditional Zen way. The ritual formality of our retreats is actually much reduced from the Japanese tradition, however we retain this much because it provides the psychic safety and containment necessary for people to feel at ease and drop deeply into meditative stillness throughout the six days of Sesshin. To enter wholeheartedly into Sesshin is to experience personally the essence of the Buddha’s own discovery about freedom from mental anguish. People leave Sesshin feeling refreshed, more emotionally stable and more joyfully alive to each moment of experience.

For further information email Arthur or phone him on 348 4656 or Shona on 981 9377

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Ekodo Retreat,      Golden Bay,      30 May – 3 June 2014     

A Queen's Birthday weekend retreat to explore compassionate environmental action from a Zen perspective. There is a 2-day and a 4-day option. The retreat will include workshops, meditation, discussions and talks focusing on the following themes:

A            Standing our ground: solid as a mountain

B            Making our mistakes with confidence

C            Collaborative sessions to workshop specific challenges

Hosted by Sean Weaver and Jo Campbell (founders of Ekodo), Arthur Wells Roshi (Zen teacher in the Diamond Sangha tradition), and David Goldsmith.

Venue:    Shambhala Retreat Center, Onekaka, Golden Bay:

Date:    Fri 30 May – Tues 3 June 2014;   or   Fri 30 May – Sun 1 June 2014.   Starting 30 May at 5pm;  Finishing 3 June at 2pm.   2-day option finishes at 2pm Sunday 1 June.

Cost:    4-day   $220 waged; $175 unwaged  /  2-day   $110 Waged; $90 unwaged.    Plus dana (donation) for teacher (Arthur).

Registration:    Please contact Sean at or phone Jo at 03 525 6029.

More info:

Ekodo Facebook Group:

Ekodo (eko – ecological; dō – way). Ekodo approaches environmental and social action as sacred practice. This is self-defense where the self is World. Harnessing the power of compassion, we bear witness to ecological and human suffering, and act to alleviate it. Ekodo links with the original intention of the Zen martial arts, as the skillful minimization of harm based on the realisation that the whole world is our truest self. Therefore, defending ecosystems and communities is ultimately self-defense.

WEEKEND WORKSHOP   with Mary Jaksch and Arthur Wells, Christchurch

The workshop will run from Fri evening 4th July to Sun morn 7th July 2014.

Pricing and registration pack will be available closer to the time.

WILDERNESS RETREAT   with Arthur Wells, Canterbury

The retreat will run from Fri 29th to Sun 31st August 2014.

Pricing and registration pack will be available closer to the time.

WILDERNESS RETREAT   with Arthur Wells and Mary Jaksch, Canterbury

The retreat will run from Fri 31st October to Tues 4th November 2014.

Pricing and registration pack will be available closer to the time.

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