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Ekodo Retreat

Buddha Touched The Earth: Exploring Zen & Deep Ecology

Led by:

    Sean Weaver Sensei
    Jo Campbell
    John Seed (Deep Ecology author and activist) and
    supported by Arthur Wells Roshi

Where:  Shambala, Golden Bay

When:  Friday 17th to Tuesday 21st March 2017, 4-day and 2-day options

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Easter Sesshin

with Arthur Wells Roshi and Mary Jaksch Roshi

The word shin in Japanese means “mind,” in a sense that combines both thinking and feeling so we call it “heart-mind”.  Sesshin literally means to “touch,” “express” or “reveal” this heart-mind.  In other words, Sesshin is about the awakening of insight and compassion.  It’s the foundational retreat that Zen practitioners everywhere attend if possible once or twice a year in order to keep our practice strong. The form of Sesshin is much the same everywhere around the world, consisting of a full programme of silent meditation, chanting, bowing, walking, eating, resting, hearing talks, face-to-face interview with the teachers, cleaning and food preparation.  Everything we do in Sesshin is designed to plunge us increasingly, throughout the six days, into deep, reflective stillness. To enter wholeheartedly into Sesshin enables us to see into our own deepest motives and discover a new freedom from fears and compulsions.  People leave Sesshin feeling refreshed, more emotionally stable and more joyfully alive.  Ask anyone who has done it!

When:   Thurs 13th - Wed 19th April 2017

Where:  Staveley, Inland canterbury

Cost:     Full Sesshin - 6 nights   $320 with sliding scale down to $240 and
          Thursday to Monday - 4 nights   $220 with sliding scale down to $170

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