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2015 Ekodo Retreat

When:   6:30pm Friday 31 July - 4:00pm Sunday 2 August 2015.

Where:   Shambhala, Onekaka, Golden Bay

Who:   Led by Jo Campbell and supported by Sean Weaver and Zen Teacher Arthur Wells Roshi.

This retreat will focus on three themes of Enough: 'I am Enough', 'This is Enough', and 'Saying "Enough!"'.
It will draw upon Taoist and Zen teachings on deep self sufficiency, profound abundance, and our engagement with compassionate works to alleviate social and environmental suffering.

Cost:    Option 1: 2-days & 2 nights (full retreat) Waged: $120 Unwaged: $90
            Option 2: 2-days & 0 nights (for locals) Waged: $90 Unwaged $70
            Option 3: 1 Day & 0 nights (Sat or Sun) Waged: $50 Unwaged $35

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Ekodo approaches environmental and social action as sacred practice. Harnessing the power of compassion, we bear witness to ecological and human suffering, and act to alleviate it.
Ekodo links with the original intention of the Zen martial arts, as the skillful minimization of harm based on the realisation that the whole world is our truest self. Therefore, defending ecosystems and communities is ultimately self defense.

Email us for more information or to register or you can phone us on 03 525 6029 or 027 356 3601 (Sean), 027 356 3606 (Jo).

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