Mary Jaksch recieved transmission in March 2004, from our senior teacher, Ross Bolleter. to become Mary Jaksch Roshi.

Here are some pictures of the transmission retreat, articles and other words will appear in this space soon!

The following are quotes directly from attendees of the Sesshin in a card congratulating Mary:

(names are not published out of respect for privacy)

Thank you for making this great journey with such passion and love, on the whole world's behalf

Thank you so much, Mary, for lighting the path in my darkest encounters. These contrasts have helped to enrich my life beyond measure. Gassho

The Path is easier to walk with a lovely mother line and you as a guide.

Rabbit on the path.

the valley brims with cloud.

Where is fear this morning?

Tis a great honour to share this moment, this time of the diamonds sparkle spreading and shedding light.

Mary, whenever I see you my heart sings.

Dearest Mary, it is such a privilege for me to observe your fine teaching and I look forward to many more insights with you. Your Transmission is such a very significant event in your life. Enjoy the moment!

The Indians were wrong. The Dharma is alive and well and truly alive in 2004! Thank you Mary for continuing to shine a light on the path (or at least remind me that I have a torch).

Thank you for your steady presence

Deepest congratulations this day, and deeper love and respect every day.

Dear Mary, through mist, full moon --shine on! With much love and gratitude

Thank you for sharing your insight and compassion

Thank you for your guidance across the slippery stones

Thank you for your insights and compassion. Words can not express my gratitude.

Blessings so unnecessary. One step after the other. With love and admiration.

Kia Ora, dear Mary. You have opened the gate for me. Thank you.

I wish to express my deep gratitude that you are my teacher.

yellow moon

rising over the hills

wangapeka dream

The following is a letter from Ross Bolleter Roshi on his announcement of Mary's transmission:

I'm happy to announce that I will be giving Mary Jise Jaksch Sensei Transmission in March 2004 in Nelson.

Mary Jaksch Sensei has done the hard work of training in the Diamond Sangha tradition. She has completed the koan curriculum and done the extensive follow up work. Her eye is clear. She has shown herself to be a truly creative teacher, while remaining well contacted with the tradition. She's a gifted communicator. This comes through strongly in the diverse and original ways that she teaches. Sensei cares deeply about her students. She trains them thoroughly and makes that training enjoyable. Her intent is serious but her touch is light.

I remember when she was training leaders at the Fremantle Zendo, she had everyone in stitches of laughter. Half an hour later they were performing the roles beautifully. It's time for Sensei to come into her own and become a teacher in the fullest sense. Transmission is the path to this.

As her students you have helped her to grow into this new role. As the Maitai Committee your work has ensured the continuing life of the Way in Nelson. I thank you for your work, and encourage you to support Sensei as she moves into the full flood of her teaching.

Yours in the Dharma,

Ross Bolleter Roshi