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The Maitai Zendo is the Nelson group. We follow the Diamond Sangha lineage with our teacher Mary Jaksch Roshi (Nelson) and Ross Bolleter Roshi (Perth).
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Amongst the activities are:
  • Regular Zazen each Monday at 7.30 pm at Fairfeild house
  • ½ day retreats each 1st Sunday of the month. Zazen, dokusan, work practice etc. Start 6 a.m.
  • Workshops are announced to our mailing list
  • Traditional sesshin and other retreat forms with Mary Jaksch Roshi.
  • Traditional Sesshin with Ross Bolleter
  • Distance learning
  • *New - Zafus and Zabutons for sale @ $48 each or $90 for the set (plus postage). please email Jan. *these are the black meditation cushion and mat we use.

The Zendo mailing address is 4a Mayroyd Terrace. Nelson.


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