Zen Distance Training
Zen DistanceTraining

The Zen Distance Training (ZDT) programme provides a structure to support Zen students of Mary Jaksch Roshi.

ZDT students carry out daily, weekly and monthly practices, and are also expected to attend at least one sesshin each year with Mary Jaksch Roshi.


Students establish a regular daily practice of zazen.

Each week

Students participate in zazen and other activities with their local Diamond Sangha sitting group if there is one in their area. In addition to the Maitai Zendo in Nelson, there are sitting groups in Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. These groups meet each week to sit together. Other activities include half day or one day sits, and weekend workshops.

Each month

Dokusan (private personal interview with Roshi), is usually held by telephone on the first Sunday of each month, usually in the evening. The dokusan co-ordinator arranges, a week or more in advance by email, a time for each student to telephone Roshi.

A few days before telephone dokusan, students may send a short email to Roshi, telling her about their practice. If something special occurs, it may also be useful to email Roshi about that.

Roshi also sends a short teaching to students each month.

Study groups meet each month at an agreed time and place for study of selected material, such as sutras, under the guidance of the Roshi.


Students help support Roshi in this work by arranging regular dana, usually by automatic payment each month.

Each year

Students will work with Roshi at least once a year in Sesshin (intensive training retreat.) Sesshins are held twice a year, about March and October, usually at the Wangapeka Retreat centre, south of Nelson.

For further information contact ZDT co-coordinator. Holger Korth

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