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By Ross Bolleter Roshi

Envy and the way

Ma-Tsu 'This Very Mind is Buddha'

Tung-shan's Fourth Rank

Throwing a Ball on a Swift Current

Seeing the face

Great Aunt Meditation


By Mary Jaksch Roshi

Practice makes perfect - new

First noble truths pt1 new

First noble truths pt2 new

The light of this moment - new

In the Fire of Passions - new

Breaking the Web of Story - new

Probing and Polishing - new

The Skill of Goodness

Falling in love with the ordinary

On Ritual - an interview by Michelle Spuler

On the threshold

How I got into this..


Other wonderful articles

Anger and the empty ground of Zen by Arthur Wells

All the unknown women by Susan Murphy

Walking alone in the red sky by Susan Murphy

Kuan Yin by Mary Heath

Terminal by Linda Davies and Mary Jise Jaksch

Holding the lotus to the rock: Reflections on the future of Zen in the West by James Ishmael Ford

Ta-hui in the suburbs by Kirk Fisher

Zen and the art of body maintenance by Tim Monck-Mason

Early Morning at Retreat a poem by Colleen Shaw


The story of the sunflower by Madeline Butler. This is a very special pictorial story in 7 pages. Because they are images they may take a bit of time to load - but it is worth it....

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