Glenn Wallis Sensei


Update message from Ross Bolleter 16/10/05

I'm writing to inform you that I'm authorizing Glenn Wallis Sensei to give Shoken that is, to perform the ceremony where students can commit to him as their teacher.

Glenn has my full confidence and trust. For this reason, and because there are already students who wish to commit to him as their teacher, I am giving him this authority.

When you do Shoken with your teacher, you deepen and make formal the heart connection that you feel to them, and in so doing you commit to deepen your own practice. On both counts this is a fulfilling and encouraging thing to do.

Yours in the Dharma, Ross Bolleter


It is with pleasure that I announce the appointment of Glenn Wallis as a Diamond Sangha teacher.

Glenn is a cabinet maker and Tai Chi teacher and leads the Dunedin Diamond Sangha Zen Group. He's highly respected as a practice leader, and as someone who has given lots of energy to the development of Sangha in New Zealand.

He has worked with me for the last ten years, and has completed his koan study most convincingly.

Glenn's eye is clear, and he articulates the Dharma with subtlety and power.

He loves the Way and conveys that love to those who encounter him. He has my complete confidence.

Yours in the Dharma,

Ross Bolleter

St Martin's Island. Venue for the annual Sesshin with Glenn.
Ross Bolleter